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(Bombaclan Underground Pirates)

The team started from the core group of team “Bombaclan Underground Militia” (BAM), which was a team for any airsoft player within the Stockholm region.

However some members felt the need for a more engaged team structure, where members that have a stronger ambition for team play could engage in a team that still have their tongue in cheek towards airsoft. In the same time, these members wanted to do something else than the “western operator theme” and with the nickname of one member, “Blackbeard”, the team was drawn to the Pirate theme. Team Bombaclan Underground Pirates was formed.


The team has a strong influence towards the militia type gear, with a twist of Islamic and pirate theme. The common BUP member wears civilian clothing with military type gear and AK type rifles. But even tough the team wears a more rebel type gear, BUP takes the team play serious and practice military strategies and tactics continuously. Team BUP prefers LARP and milsim events but is not skeptical towards regular scrimmages. The team also have a love for things that goes boom, a lot of pyrotechnics such as AT launchers, 40mm and grenades can be expected when BUP participates!

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